Leadership Development

Visioning, strategic planning, goal setting, community development, and governance restructuring for leadership development in First Nation communities with the guidance and wisdom of its Elders and leadership. Culturally sensitive and respectful engagement that support positive sustainable outcomes.

Public and private sector

Organizations seeking professional development and quality improvement in respectful relationship building and understanding Indigenous history. (Blanket Exercise, Talking Circles, in-depth facilitated discussions, etc). Creating inclusive environments. Including Quality Improvement, Team Building, Inclusion, Curriculum Design.


Resource facilitators and keynote speakers for Indigenous history, culture and reconciliation in all settings for all audiences.

International / External Relations

In Truth and Reconciliation, Education and Harnessing and Empowering the potential in teams.

Education – Businesses, Teachers and Youth

You Rock Challenge® creates a culture and environments of inclusion and respect, free of bullying.

The Blanket Exercise

The blanket exercise is a teaching tool that will get you, for a time at least walking in someone else's shoes!


First Nation Communities, architects, schools, Government agencies, sports teams, charitable organizations, church communities, and alike to create long-term sustainable economic growth in the development of building designs and programs that will strengthen community and build opportunity for employment for members, and society.